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August 13, 2019

Hello Members, 

We have a lot of exciting items coming to fruition and we didn't feel we could wait until the next monthly newsletter to give you some current updates. While Greg and his crew are continuing to spray for weeds and work on the roughs throughout the course, you will also see them finalizing much of the grass on The Championship 18. A lot of the grass growth will come with other seeding as soon as weather permits. In the meantime, some areas will see new installation of both Zoysia and Fescue Sod. Yardage markers have been installed on all of The Championship course except for the par 3’s. You will see them located by the cart paths and can be identified by posts, marked blue (200 yards), white (150 yards) and red (100 yards). This fall more concrete paths will be added to some areas to aid in the flow of the course, as well as installation of hole signage for both The Championship 18 and The Alvamar 9 (newly named to help distinguish between the older area and the new, and to also honor our good friend, Bob Billings). Ball washers will also be placed strategically around the new course. We are extremely excited about play this fall and completing some final aspects of The Jayhawk Club Championship Course. We appreciate our members and look forward to seeing you on the course. 

 The Jayhawk Club Team


August 1, 2019

July has flown by for the GCM squad, and it has been a busy month for me, personally and professionally.  At the course we have been busy tackling many items, and the following are the highlights:

  • Topdressing greens with sand on a 14-day schedule to continue smoothing the putting surfaces

  • Needle tine aerification to increase water and gas exchange through the green profile

  • Fertilizer and pesticide applications to keep putting greens healthy through stressful summer weather

  • Fairway sod has been added to select spots on holes 9, 10 and 14

  • Water management on greens is critical June through August and our staff has done a great job keeping up with the necessary hand watering 

I want to remind everyone of the cart traffic rules, please stay on the paths around greens and tees and drive in the fairway while playing each hole. Please keep carts on paths on all par 3’s. The zoysia fairways handle traffic much better than the fescue rough, limiting cart traffic will be vital this fall as we are getting our roughs grown in. I would also like to remind everyone of the importance of repairing your ballmarks on greens. As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  



July 1, 2019

June 11 marked my one-year anniversary at The Jayhawk Club. It’s been an eventful year; from an extreme drought last year, to a cold wet winter, and then a spring that has the Golf Course Maintenance staff drawing up plans to build an ark. It is safe to say we’ve had some challenges. I’m proud of the GCM staff and their accomplishment’s over the last year. We have all 27 holes open and the course is headed in the right direction, but we still have a long way to go. Putting greens and tees have come along nicely and will continue to get smoother as they mature. There are numerous fairways that we will continue working on, and the rough will continue to be on the thin side until we overseed this fall. 



 June 1, 2019

At the time of writing this, we’ve had rainfall 18 of the last 25 days with a total accumulation of over 10” during that time. To say that May has been a wet month would be an understatement. The rain has pushed back numerous items that we had planned to accomplish this month. As soon as the ground dries out, we will resume/address the following:

  • Sod installation on fairways of holes 12 and 18

  • Herbicide applications

  • Sand topdressing of greens

  • Fertilizer applications on all playing surfaces

  • Increase mowing frequency

It’s safe to say that this month’s hot topic is the “naturalized” areas throughout the property. Naturalized areas on golf courses have been a trend that is becoming more and more popular due to their benefits to the environment and their aesthetic value. As caretakers of the land, we are very environmentally conscious, and these naturalized areas are a great way for us to be even more environmentally friendly. With naturalized areas we are able to:      

  • Minimize fertilizer and pesticide applications

  • Significantly reduce fuel consumption and exhaust fumes

  • Increase wildlife habitat

  • Reduce maintenance time on areas that are “out of play”, allowing us to focus on the “in play” areas and provide better conditioning of the “in play” areas

  • Better protect water features, as the naturalized areas act as a buffer by slowing runoff and consuming fertilizers and pesticides before they can enter the body of water



May 1, 2019

April comes to a close with the weather finally cooperating with us, as temperatures are climbing and rain has been infrequent, until yesterday. The Golf Course Maintenance team is making great strides to get the new course ready for play. Highlights from the month include: The driving range is established enough to open on a regular basis. We will continue to have players remain on the mats until the zoysia has greened up and is actively growing. We have finished grading, seeding, sodding and installing erosion protection throughout the new course. The asphalt milling cart paths are completed. 15,000 square yards of tall fescue sod has been installed. We've started making post-emergent applications for broadleaf weeds (important to note that pre-emergent herbicides could not be used since we are still adding seed to many of these areas this spring). The new putting greens are being frequently top dressed with sand to aid in getting them even more smooth.


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