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Sully's Bar & Grill

Happy Hour  |  Carry-Out & Dining

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Sully’s Bar & Grill offers a unique, private dining experience for The Jayhawk Club members and their guests. Come enjoy the modern sports bar experience with friends and family, or swing by for a quick drink after a round of golf. Don’t forget to take advantage of our firepit and outdoor patio!  



11am - 3pm
11am - 8pm
11am - 8:30pm
11am - 3pm
*Times reflect kitchen hours, not bar. 


Happy Hour 

4pm - 6pm  


Dress Code

In Sully’s the dress code policy is “Country Club Casual”. This policy applies to all adults and children (including both members and guests). Members are responsible for the attire and behavior of their children and their guests.

MEN: General attire for men shall be slacks, jeans and Bermuda shorts of appropriate length. (No more than four (4) inches above the knee). Cargo shorts are not permitted and no underwear visible. Acceptable shirts are collared shirts, turtlenecks, mock turtleneck shirts and dress collarless shirts (no collarless shirts are allowed with phrases, band or team logos*, or collarless shirts that are considered undergarment tee shirts *with the exception of gamedays). Men’s shirts should remain tucked in at all times except for shirts that are conservatively tailored and are designed to be worn outside. Sweaters and other outer garments designed for protection from cold or inclement weather may be worn outside of the trousers. Hats/caps/visors are allowed if they are worn forward. No swimsuits, tank tops, cut off shorts of any kind. No athletic shorts and pants.

WOMEN: General attire for women shall be slacks, capris, skorts, jeans and Bermuda shorts of appropriate length (no more than four (4) inches above the knee). Shirts and other tops should be limited to those appropriate for golf. No swimsuits, tank tops, cut off shorts of any kind. No athletic shorts and pants.

CHILDREN: For children, the dress policy is a little more relaxed. Children can wear sports jerseys and tee shirts. However, no tee shirts with inappropriate phrases are allowed. Denim overalls or jeans that are ragged, torn, cutoff or sloppy are not appropriate.



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